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It’s been a while since I’ve published anything here. I’ve been busy, with life and with finishing my story, as well as updating the official website, In order to consolidate, I’m moving this blog over there. It has a lot of information about the book I’m writing and about me. I will still be coming up with blog posts, hopefully with more frequency, and hope you check it out and comment!  Also, my book has a trailer, take a look!

Hope to see you at! Thanks for everything!




Here’s a link to some videos I did a few years ago in school. The one with the dragon is probably the most fun. You’ll have to click it to get it going, and if it stops, there’s something you can clikc on to continue it on (it’s a flash video, and probably won’t work on your ipad). Have fun.

Here’s another video I made, in the same vein, but with a different story to tell and a different tone.

Story telling can come from any medium. Videos are obviously part of that, but few of think that even commercials can tell a story in 30 seconds. Here’s a video I made for an advertising class (nothing to do with fantasy, however) for sharpie markers. I tried to tell a story, both with and without words.

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