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It’s been a while since I’ve published anything here. I’ve been busy, with life and with finishing my story, as well as updating the official website, In order to consolidate, I’m moving this blog over there. It has a lot of information about the book I’m writing and about me. I will still be coming up with blog posts, hopefully with more frequency, and hope you check it out and comment!  Also, my book has a trailer, take a look!

Hope to see you at! Thanks for everything!




I’m free…free falling




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knife tree

In order to supply themselves with weapons, and since iron interfers with their magic, the elves have created trees that grow their weapons, known as knife trees. In the lower branches grow sharp hard fruit, which can pierce steel with enough force. These fruits grow stems of varying lengths which break off cleanly and can be used as knives, arrows, and spears, providing the elves with most of their weapons (although they have to shape their own bows).

These fruit grow fastest in organic material, or in other words, in the dead body of anything it kills. The motto of the elves is “Life from death.” They want life, a new tree, to grow from anyone they kill with these weapons, as redemption for taking a life. Once inside organic material, the fruit absorbs the blood, opens up, and deposits the seed, which can grow quickly into a new tree. Killing someone and then taking the arrow, knife, or spear out of the dead body, to reuse, is frowned upon, because it creates more death than life.

These trees have also grown in unexpected ways, and their fruit is not so easy to harvest. Although the stems are stiff, the branches they grow from react to the slightest wind, and the tree has learned to respond to any large creature in the vicinity, able to throw the knives and arrows at that creature with incredible accuracy. Only the bravest and fastest elves go into a grove of knife trees to collect the weapons. They can also serve as barriers to protect elvish communities from outsiders.

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