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Yesterday I talked a little about fantasy in video games, and mentioned some series I liked when younger. One of the most well known of these was probably Final Fantasy. So I thought I would post my own rankings and thoughts on each one I played (I didn’t play 11, 13, or 14). Yes, I know it might be a bit controversial, I’ve seen other rankings, and everyone feels strongly about their favorite. Remember, these are my opinions, not meant to offend. I enjoyed playing them all, it is a good series, I finished each one (usually getting all the extras as well). So if one is at the bottom, it doesn’t mean I hate it, I just don’t like it as much as one at the top. So let’s unveil the order:


Final Fantasy 7
Overrated? Maybe. But it’s still my favorite. The first one I played, it was also the one I played the most. I liked the characters, the story, the villain. It caught me up more than any other, even with ugly visuals at times. Yes, I cried when Aeris died. This game didn’t need sequels, it needed an HD remake.


Final Fantasy 10
Like 7, I got caught up in the story of Tidus and Yuna and their pilgrimage. Plenty of emotions and twists. The amount of time you had to spend to get the ultimate weapons and other sidequests was a bit much, though and the sequel was a bit ridiculous.


Final Fantasy 6
My favorite of the spite graphic games. It had a lot of characters, but they were interesting, and I wanted to punch Kefka in the face every time he laughed, that clown. The bonus movies included at the end of the Playstation version made me tear up.


Final Fantasy 8
Despite Squall being an emo punk, there was a lot covered in this game and it was interesting. It had a more mature air than many Final Fantasies. There were also some strange plot twists that didn’t really help, though. All from the same orphanage, evil witch from the future, frozen witch in space? The love story was both good and bad: When Rinoa and Squall are together, she annoys him. When apart or she’s unconscious, he’s obsessed with her. Romantic.


Final Fantasy 4
Don’t really have a lot of strong feelings on this one. Some say it’s their favorite, I say it’s OK. Standard bad-guy-is-really-good-and/or-relative, but is possessed by evil force. But hey, you get to fly to the moon in a whale.


Final Fantasy 12
It had a good battle system, for the most part. Once you have a strategy, you can kind of sit back a relax instead of button mashing. With Yazmat, could leave the room and come back a while later. No more random battles, either! What I didn’t really like was the plot. I wanted it to be good. Instead, it was: Meet bad guy. Get object A, find out it’s useless. Get object B, find out it’s useless as well. Run to heart of empire, then to other side of world. Get object C. Useless. Kill bad guy. Realize that main character had no reason to be included and the whole game would be the same if they took him out.


Final Fantasy 9
The main character’s a monkey. Who later turns out to be all powerful. The main antagonist is a cross dresser (I seriously thought he was a she until half way through the game). CGM just for the princess cutting her hair. Last boss pops up, I was like, “Where the heck did you come from? You were never mentioned in the game until now.” It was kind of depressing too, even with cartoon-like characters. The second time I played, I was a little more tolerant. But still didn’t like it much.


Final Fantasy 2
I don’t remember this one really well, but I do remember it was an interesting game. At times it got repetitive, though (go for this spell, now this one). Magic was useless and weak. I was mad that I sold the sword midway through the game would make killing the last boss easy.



Final Fantasy 5
Couldn’t really take this game seriously. Turtle! Bad guy named X-Death! But it was fun to make fun of. And to play with the jobs.


Final Fantasy 1
Not much of a story (Kill the first boss, find out that monsters are invading the land, you have to go back in time to find out the first boss had seen the future where you kill him, so he wants to kill you from the past by sending out those monsters. Yeah, I didn’t get it either). But it was kind of fun in the fulfill-a-quest-to-open-an-area-you-were-wondering-about way.


Final Fantasy 3
This one didn’t have much of a story that I could remember, either. The jobs were kind of fun, though.

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