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Remnants are puzzling creatures, as they don’t interact with anything, nor seem to notice the world around them. Transparent except for certain organs, they resemble other creatures, but aren’t complete. Sometimes they can be felt, other times not. They float around, passing through walls, seeming without purpose, but never do harm. Because they are harmless, but creepy, there is a saying: “A cold bed remnants make.”

The only time they react to anything is when magic is used. Then, they fix their eyes on the user and come closer. Magic doesn’t seem to affect them directly, nor is it known if they will actually do anything to someone using magic, but it does seem to pique their curiosity.

Pallanism says they are the spirits of corrupted magic users and use them as examples of why only authorized judges should use magic. Other religions disagree with this, but no one can say for sure what they are.


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