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Monthly Archives: January 2014


Shiara is an elf healer, who lives in Mith despite the distrust and other less than welcome feelings the humans have for the elves. She tries not to attract attention and enjoys living a quiet life. As an elf, she tries to find balance with the earth and cares for all life. She has some magic at her command, but it is subtle and not flashy, like many of the humans who use magic. Despite her calm demeanor, she hides many secrets.



Rhinogs, armored dog-things that roam the plains of Mith, are dangerous on their own, with their armor protecting most vulnerable spots, sharp claws and teeth to shred their prey, and a horn on their head to impale enemies, but their greatest advantage is similar to that of wolves: they hunt in packs. Occasionally, some will enter a town at night looking for food, and the process of driving them out can damage half the buildings there and leave a trail of causalties. Fortunately, as they are unused to pain because of their rust colored armor, if you can cause them some sort of pain, they often will back down, especially if alone. Travelers, beware.

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