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Image So normally this blog is for things dealing with fantasy. Of all the superheroes, Batman and Iron Man are the most plausible, relying on technology more than superpowers. But they are still fantastic (as in related to fantasy, not necessarily wonderful). Heck, Iron Man was with the Avengers, which includes Thor, the Norse God of thunder, and they fought aliens. Of course this is fantasy. And the enemies in Iron Man 3 were more fantasy based than previous entries, even if they were still supposedly based on technology.

I saw it yesterday when it came out, being a fan of most comic book movies, and liked the first two. This one doesn’t disappoint. I don’t want to get too critical on this, since there are going to be a wide range of opinions on the movie, whether it was better or worse than the previous two. I think it is about the same, maybe a little better. The last fight was certainly more climatic than Iron Man 2, where fighting Vanko in the end went really quick. This time, the villain just refuses to die. There are some interesting twists, although it does feel like on one plot point, they give away too much near the beginning. But another twist with the Mandarin really changes things. Seeing Tony Stark use his head to solve things like in the cave of the first movie is nice, although a little prolonged. For supposedly being more focused on the relationship with Pepper Potts, she seems to be absent for large parts of the film. The movie is dark, but Tony lightens it up with his humor. My biggest complaint would be that the first third of the film feels disjointed, especially the messages from the Mandarin, which don’t seem to relate to the rest of what we’ve seen so far. Overall, though, these issues don’t bog it down, and it is enjoyable. It might even be my favorite of the three. I’d give it 3.5 stars out of 4.



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  2. Solid review. Die-hard fans of the comics will probably hate this movie for changing certain things, but most of it can be enjoyed for the sake of fun.

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