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Of all the Zelda games, this felt most like the original experience I had when playing Ocarina of Time. At first I was kind of wary of the ridiculous enemy, Zant, who looked like a dead fish, and turned out to be like Voldo from Soul Caliber, but once I found out that Ganondorf would be the main villain, I was ready to take this seriously. And it was a more mature Zelda game than its predecessors. I enjoyed being a wolf, for the most part, although by the end of the game, it felt like just one more item. The new items were interesting, (with the extra clawshot I felt like SpiderLink!), the world was large, and it brought back good memories. The last battle with Ganondorf was, while easy, dramatic. I really enjoyed this game.


Spirit Tracks

Link’s more modern than ever, with his own train. This felt like it belonged on the handheld, and it didn’t have the time limit dungeon that Phantom Hourglass had. Controlling Zelda as a spirit made things interesting. But it did feel a lot like Phantom Hourglass, with some minor improvements. They kind of blend together in my mind, really. Anyway, it was a fun game.


Skyward Sword

This one was really fun, but it was also harder than other Zelda games. And longer. The motion controls made this a unique experience, but they were part of the difficulty. Slicing the sword in just the right way could be frustrating, and trying to thrust was tortuous. I did like the idea of the stamina bar, having Link sprint. The art style was nice, but it didn’t feel as serious as Twilight Princess. Going around, flying on my bird, trying to rescue Zelda, it was an immersive story. Going to the same three environments over and over got a little dull, especially in the desert. And were the only people inhabiting the world those who lived in the floating islands? It felt kind of sparse in that respect. But finding out new places in each area was fun. They did a lot with just a little.

Extra: Smash Bros

Just to let you know, Link has always been my man on Smash Bros. And I will slay you with him.

I know there are more Zelda games, but I haven’t played them. I’m sure the minds at Nintendo will keep pumping them out, making the Zelda universe more convoluted and full of addicting puzzles. I will probably be there. In the immortal words of Link:



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  1. I agree that Skyward didn’t seem as serious as Twilight. I really enjoyed that sense of atmosphere in Twilight, the danger that the series had always hinted at actually being shown. And with spirit tracks, I have to agree that it felt very similar to Phantom Hourglass. They’re different but somehow, they seem very similar in my mind.

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