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Wind Waker

Again with the little kid Link, except now his head is bigger than his body and he looked like he belonged on a Saturday morning cartoon. And he wasn’t the same Link that had fought Ganondorf back on the N64. I was a bit turned off by this. Also, sailing got a little boring, and it was weird that even though the world was covered in water, there was no underwater dungeon. Now, after looking at the timeline of the Hyrule Historia, it makes more sense, but I was kind of lost in how it fit into the series. And I didn’t think toon Link was worthy of defeating Ganondorf. But the game was addicting, like every Zelda game, and I got over my initial hesitations and was able to enjoy the game.


I started playing this, and realized it was a lot like a flat Ocarina of Time. It was a bit harder than other games, especially because you had to go through the whole dungeon again if you died or had to quit. There was a time when I left it near the end for a while before coming back. And Ganon at the end kept knocking me down and making me start all over. Jerk. Otherwise, I don’t have many memories of this game.


This is where I felt toon Link belonged. On a handheld. Let mature Link be on the consoles. It was an interesting experience using the touchscreen for everything. A little strange at the beginning, but it worked, as long as I could find the DS stick and see it through the scratches. Overall, it was a fun game, except for one aspect. The stupid dungeon where you had to go through over and over again, with a time limit. That time limit was really annoying. But being able to trace out boomerang paths was nice, and other unique things with the stick. It was creative.


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