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Lately I have been just giving reviews about fantasy books, and while I like doing it, it is not what this site was originally for, just part of it. Really, it has been kind of laziness on my part, because they’re easy to make, and I have been strapped for time (it’s my last semester in college). Today, I would like to review something else besides books, because, like I’ve said before, fantasy exists in many mediums. Today, I want to talk about the Zelda series. Yes, everyone’s favorite elfish mute hero, link, and his many incarnations. Now, I have not played through all of the games, especially some of the handheld games, so this list is not exhaustive, but I would like to talk about the ones I have played, in no particular order, unlike what I did with the Final Fantasy games, because I like all of these, and don’t feel as strongly about one or the other like I did with Final Fantasy. I will go in order played. Beginning with…


Ocarina of Time

This was the first one I played, and also had the most impact on me. From all the choices in tools I could use, and the newness of the 3D graphics from the N64 for me, it was an immersive adventure that I got sucked into. Again and again. The relationship between Zelda and Link. Ganondorf stealing her away. Link being sealed away and Ganondorf taking over. People blaming Link for not protecting them. Feeling empowered as an adult. I loved it. The puzzles that were so new to me, that cost my young mind to solve. This was unlike any other video game I had played, which previously had consisted in Mario type games. This helped me love fantasy, even if it was not quite traditional (bombs?). Leave it to my friend to spoil some surprises, like Sheik (although I probably would have figured it out) (coincidentally, he also spoiled FF7’s Aeris’ death. Jerk.). Even though the graphics don’t hold anymore, I can’t help but remember this game fondly.


Soon after it came out, I bought this one. It was fun, but not as great for me as OoT. I didn’t like being a kid (I hadn’t realized that OoT was the first one where Link wasn’t a kid the whole time). Going back in time felt like I had to start over every time, and was kind of frustrating. Getting arrows as the special item in each dungeon began to get old. And the little punk possessed by the demonic mask didn’t feel as threatening as Ganondorf. Not even the moon felt that threatening, as I could see up its nose. Later, I played it again with a more mature look, and enjoyed it more. What I did like, even the first time, was being able to transform. Zora was my favorite. It was fun to resolve some of the quests as well. And the bosses were harder than in OoT. Actually, the whole game was. A departure from some of the more traditional fare, but still enjoyable, in its own way. Bunny hood!


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