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The Way of Shadows (Night Angel, #1)
by Brent Weeks


3 of 5 stars false
This book can be uncomfortable to read, like pretty much any book about assassins. How can someone justify murder? For the main character to live with himself, his mentor tells him that lives, even his own, are worthless, and by taking one, he is not taking anything of value. Eventually the book refutes that, but anyone in the real world who thinks that way is called a sociopath. Also, near the beginning, there is talk of child abuse, although not in any detail, and it shows how it messes people up. The author in an interview talks about how his wife works with children in gangs and how the vast majority of them have been sexually abused. Despite these eye opening views of the underworld of fantasy, it is a gripping tale and keeps you reading. Following in the tradition of gritty fantasy, although not at the level of George R R Martin, it focuses on Kylar, an assassin who moonlights as a noble, and his mentor, Durzno Blint, the best assassin around. The end is a big confusing, especially when the lies told are revealed to be false. It is a good start to the trilogy, though. Good, but not great, at least in my mind.

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