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Another book review.


Ruins (Pathfinder, #2)
by Orson Scott Card

I enjoys Orson Scott Cards’ books, and read most of them, but sometimes, in some of his books, his characters become too powerful, in a way. Plus, the main character in nearly every book he writes is a precocious teenage boy. They’re the only ones who can do what they do, but have very little temptation to do evil with it. The character in Treason by the end was way too powerful, Alvin in his Alvin Maker books could change everything, and the boy in his other series he’s writing, beginning with the Lost Gate, also started feeling too powerful by being able to teleport wherever he wants. Their problems feel trivial because there is no one who can oppose them. This series is starting to feel the same. Rigg before had to depend on his friend to go back in time, but in this book he can do it alone. His friend obviously feels jealous, but it feels like half the book deals with him whining, or some other character, and the others trying to tell them why they’re not worthless. Since the main character can go back in time, there’s not much feeling of urgency, even though the world is supposed to be destroyed in a few years time. The ideas explored here are interesting, and it was an engaging read. The time travel is hard to understand at times, though. Some ideas got weird, like the mice, and other ideas seemed to jump all over. I was hoping the series would end with this book, but it looks like another one will be coming.Anyway, interesting book, but hopefully the next one will be more focused and will finish this, because the idea is already feeling stretched.


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