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Here is a review I made of George R.R. Martin’s latest book A Dance with Dragons. I know it came out a while back, and I read it when it came out, but if anyone wants to know what I thought about it, here’s the review.

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)
by George R.R. Martin

I know everyone is praising these books, and the first one, A Game of Thrones, was really good, but after that, I felt there was no one to cheer for. I kind of liked Jon Snow and Daenerys before, but now in this book I felt bored even with them. Daenerys’ big event is that she leaves with her dragons. A little excitement there, but other than that, she seemed fairly powerless. This series is known for being gritty, but it felt like the grittiness in this book was filler instead of actually helping the story. I don’t really know where this series is going, not much seems to be happening. This seems to be going into Robert Jordan territory, more books than necessary. This is a well realized world with lots of details and realism, but hopefully it will go forward in the next book. Maybe next time we won’t have to wait forever for a book that is less than expected.


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