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A week ago I said I would review this book once I finished. Well, I finished. For those of you who have read the Wheel of Time books, this is for you. If you don’t know what the Wheel of Time is, then you can skip this, or you can start from book 1, The Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan.

This was the book I had been waiting for since first picking up The Eye of the World when I was a teenager. Overall, the book was great, and it provides a satisfying ending to the series. Getting into it, I had to remind myself of some of the minor characters, and there were some that I still don’t remember from before, but it did focus on the main characters more in this book than in the last few of Jordan’s books, especially after the beginning. It started a bit slow, but did keep you hooked, although partway through, there were a lot of battle scenes that, while setting the mood for near hopelessness, did feel a little long and took up a good portion of the book. Mat was my favorite character, although he didn’t appear for the first few chapters, but once he did, he served as a good comic relief to keep it from getting too desperate. The scene where he and Rand reunite was one of my favorites. Some characters die, so there is a sense of peril, but it does end well, for the most part. The Dark One wasn’t as menacing as I had hoped, and the ending didn’t have any spectactular twist, but like I said, it is satisfying. What happens after the last battle is kept open for speculation, not every question is answered. Overall, a great book, Brandon Sanderson handled it well. I can’t wait for his next book in the Stormlight Archive, which looks like it will replace the Wheel of Time as the current epic fantasy series. If you’ve read the other books, read this. If not…I don’t know if you want to sludge through thirteen books before this. It is a good series, but there were parts that could have been cut. Anyway, the Wheel of Time has come to an end.


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