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Welcome to Sage Eyes blog. What is Sage Eyes? It is a series of fantasy books, currently in progress, that I am writing (currently working on second draft of first book: REAWAKENING).

Here’s what Sage Eyes is all about:

Snake Eyes. The most feared band of thieves in the kingdom of Mith. Named after revolutionary Sage Eyes, the group that banished the Dread Lords two millennia ago. Whether stealing from the rich or working with them against another noble, their skill and prestige have made them legendary. Arrogant even. Simon had the good life with them: feared, good company, a purpose in life, and no questions about his past. So it comes as a surprise when everything they had made for themselves comes crashing down because of a girl.

Princess Tiffany wanted to make something more of her life than living senselessly in a castle, having no real impact on the lives of her subjects. So she came up with a daring plan that she hoped would rid the kingdom of a terrible thorn in its side. But when she gets involved with the wrong type of man for help, she soon loses everything she loved. Now she has to learn to redefine herself and her viewpoint of the world, on a journey that lets her experience firsthand what one of the least of her subjects has to go through.

Along with two elves, Mero, who would prefer to live away from his own kind, and Shiara, a quiet healer who is despised for the magic she wields, Simon and Tiffany cross the continent in search of a way to save Simon’s life by finding ancient structures that hold a deep magic. But no one is sure they still work. Each of them has their own motives, but find themselves swept up in the bitter politics being played by a vengeful king. In the end, though, they’ll all have to answer one question:

How much would you sacrifice to save a single life?


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